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Press Release 1/12/2015

ART Book Launch

ART Book Launch

Press Release

So what are you looking forward to this Mothers’ Day?

If you want to spoil yourself or to spoil the best mother in the world, click this link to see what Seaview Art Gallery has in stall for you this year (and it will be a steal at just $5!). Follow this link: Mothers’ Day Art Raffle Prize.


14th November 2014 Is Our BIRTHDAY!

Seaview Art Gallery celebrating 20 years in operation. “Like a fine wine, we get better with age.”

Seaview Art Gallery at Moffat Beach, Caloundra is the longest-running, artists’-run co-operative gallery on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. It was established in November 1994 and continues to operate with a maximum of 15 local artists whose interests are varied. We offer a variety of artworks ranging from paintings, jewellry, mosaics, pottery, sculptures, photography and textiles.

We will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary on the weekend of, and including Friday the 14th to Sunday the 16th of November 2014. As part of the upcoming celebrations in November, Seaview Art Gallery will be hosting a wine and cheese evening with a raffle draw, on Friday the 14th of November. We will be screening a video detailing the history of the Moffat Beach area, entitled “Memorably Moffat” on Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of November, 2014.

Come along on the Friday evening to help us celebrate with a complimentary glass of wine and meet both past and present artists. Each of the Seaview Gallery artists have created one-off art works measuring 15 cm by 15 cm as an incentive to those who wish to support and share in the Gallery birthday celebrations. These works will be raffled on the Friday evening and tickets can be bought prior, at the Gallery for only $2. This is a great opportunity to get a unique and original piece of art for a very modest price and you have 15 chances to win!! The fun continues on the Saturday and Sunday in the nearby park with artists painting and creating, ready to answer any questions you may have.

Each of the 15 artists have created a 150mm x 150mm commemorative art work celebrating 20 years of local art

Each of the 15 artists have created a 150mm x 150mm commemorative art work celebrating 20 years of local art

Prior to the setting up of the Seaview Gallery in November 1994, the shop space was a popcorn manufacturing kitchen. It was full of boxes, an oven, greasy fans and three sinks. It was difficult to imagine this space as a working Art Gallery. Negativity was voiced by many who felt a gallery in such a quiet part of Caloundra could not possibly survive, let alone be successful and much loved. It took 18 months to find the site, with Peter Overland being a very supportive landlord. Don Bailey, the founder, worked tirelessly recruiting artists willing to give it a go. Dianne Bailey also put in many hours alongside her husband to get the gallery operating.

Initially, ten brave artists took the plunge, renovating the space completely. Artist Brian Allison assisted tradesmen during the conversion, helping to create the Gallery as we see it today. The initial opening night was packed with friends and council representatives, including then Minister for the Arts, Joan Sheldon, who kindly officiated. Of the original artists, only Madeline Herbert is a current member seeing through many of the changes of the last 20 years. While many individual artists have moved on over the years, any vacancies are quickly filled, by a waiting list of willing local artists hoping to be part of this successful gallery. We now operate with fifteen artists rather than ten to lighten the load, help with outlaying costs and to give the public a greater variety of artworks to view.

We are conveniently located next to alfresco restaurants so you can visit after breakfast, lunch or coffee. Our opening hours are 9.30a.m. to 4.30p.m. every day except Christmas Day. Our modest prices and marvelous artworks will ensure you go home with something you will cherish. Don’t forget to mark it in your diaries or calendars as it is sure to be a marvelous occasion and only 5 weeks prior to Christmas!! This will be a great weekend full of fun and creativity while allowing you to find a unique artwork or Christmas gift.

Contact: Madeline Herbert (0488 605 002)
Contact: Cynthia Morgan (07 5491 2098)

Seaview Art Gallery (07 5491 4788)
4 Seaview Terrace,
Moffat Beach. 4551
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Photos of the pioneer artists paving the way to establishing the Sunshine Coast’s most popular gallery:

 Opening night 1994

Opening night 1994

Joan Sheldon in blue. (Original and present member Madeline Herbert, in red).

Joan Sheldon in blue. (Original and present member Madeline Herbert, in red).


The original artists with Joan Sheldon

The original artists with Joan Sheldon


Ever thought about becoming a Seaview Art Gallery member? Click here


June 2014

The winner of the Seaview Art Prize raffle by Seaview’s Glass MosaicArtist, Glenys Fentiman, is Brisbane’s…


Desley can be seen here with husband and mother-in-law taking the beautiful mirror home to be given pride of place. Well done Desley, from all the artists at Seaview Art Gallery, Moffat Beach.
Desley Clifford (right) collecting her prize mosaic mirror with husband and mother-in-law.

Desley Clifford (right) collecting her prize mosaic mirror with husband and mother-in-law.


March 2014

The WINNER of the second Summer Art Prize by Seaview’s Master Pastellist, Tricia Taylor, is Brisbane’s…

* * * VIV BENJAMIN * * *

Tricia called Viv personally to make the announcement and Viv was ecstatic to hear the news. Viv and her daughter visited Seaview Art Gallery a few weeks ago and on seeing Tricia’s beautiful artwork was the prize for the Summar Art Prize raffle they snapped up some tickets. Next time you are on the sunshine coat be sure to pop into Seaview Art Gallery at Moffat Beach and buy a ticket or two – next time the lucky one could be you!


December 2013

And the lucky WINNER of a Raelean Hall water colour is Moffat Beach resident…


Dennis, pictured below with Cynthia Morgan (left), receiving his prize from Raelean Hall
The winning ticket was drawn by Brisbane resident Sonja Varendorff who was visiting Seaview Art Gallery at the time of the draw. Sonja (far right) can be seen drawing the winning ticket and watched by (left to right) David Humphries, Dan Toohey, Raelean Hall, and Gaynor Hardinge.
Well done Dennis and thank you Sonja.

Seaview Art Gallery – more fun & relaxation than you can shake a stick at!

Visiting Seaview Art Gallery is so much more than just marvelling at the stunning collections of 15 local artists. We are located at delightful Moffat Beach where you can take in a casual coffee, breakfast or lunch in one of the many bustling alfresco cafes and restaurants that span the length of Seaview Terrace – an idyllic meeting place for family and friends.

From the cafes, stroll down the terrace and step into our gallery to be welcomed by one of our friendly local artists. We will be pleased to show off a diverse range of art, jewellery and figurines, or leave you free to browse the works on your own. Relax in one of our comfortable lounges whilst reading about your favourite artists. There is no rush and there is no dress code! The time is yours to soak up the atmosphere that is distinctly Seaview Art Gallery. You don’t have to buy, yet dreaming about starting your very own art collection, or complementing an existing collection is a pleasurable experience in the surroundings of fine art. Be inspired!

Having indulged in the creative spirits (yours and the artists’), you can retreat to the parks, play areas and beach where your relaxation continues throughout the day. This memorable experience will stay with you forever and can be replenished when you return tomorrow, next week, or next year. But you will return – our visitors always do.

See you soon…

The Artists

P.S. We are open daily except Christmas day!

Want to see more? Tell us by adding your comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

4 Responses to The Home of Art (Now on Facebook)

  1. Danielle Twigg says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    We have an original watercolour by John Morrison that we plan to re-sell. It is called ‘Yabbie Safari’ and has almost doubled in valued at this point. We are moving overseas and would like to re-sell the painting to a collector or gallery to ensure it is looked after and appreciated beyond our time here. Would you kindly let us know of you would be interested in purchasing the painting?

    Several photographs of the painting are available.

    Kind regards,
    Danielle & Justin Twigg
    Bowen Hills QLD

    • Rich Oxley says:

      Thanks Danielle & Justin,

      We love John Morrison’s work and consider ourselves very fortunate to have John as a full member of our gallery. Being such a popular gallery at Moffat Beach, Seaview’s membership is now full which leaves us with no available hanging space for selling works on consignment.

      We are so sorry we are unable to assist you at this time and wish you well in finding your buyer.

      Kind regards

      ..Rich Oxley
      Seaview Gallery, Moffat Beach

  2. Tricia Bradford says:

    I am collating an art trail map for the northern part of the Sunshine Coast and am seeking support in the form of advertising from art oriented businesses.

    At this stage costs will be kept to a minimum with participants paying $75.00 and ads, depending on size, around $250 – $400. Please keep in mind that contact details and advertising remain as long as the map is in existence.

    There will be an A2 or A3 size map with contact details and locations on one side and advertising on the other. The map will be available in printed form and distributed everywhere possible. It will also be on a number of websites to be downloaded in part or in whole. It will also be ‘live’ in that someone clicking on the artist or gallery in the contact details will not only indicate their position on the map but bring up their website and other links.

    The Council, Regional Galleries, Tourism Noosa and several other web sites are happy to have the map available for viewing and downloading.

    There will be a one time Open Studio weekend probably 22nd March to launch the map and contact at all other times will be by appointment. In the case of business houses opening hours could be with the details. Business houses will be included in the open weekend if desired.

    If possible I hope to have a bus on the weekend to take groups around – this would not extend to distant places but once again depending on who participates and where they are I shall see what is practical.

    Costs are dependent on the number of participants and will be kept to a minimum. The map will clearly state that visiting will be ‘by appointment only’ at all times for private houses and studios other than the open studio weekend.

    I will require your contact details including name, address, phone and email and other information you would like to see printed such as opening hours for the ‘contact’ column and when required, your artwork for advertising.

    Once again let me know by email of your interest so I have a written record and do not have to rely on my memory of a phone call! Email:

    Tricia Bradford

  3. Pauline Ramsay-Murray says:

    Apologies Jackie, I do not have any of the Paua Thong e/r left. I have not been successful in finding any base material to make more, so am very sorry I can’t help with your enquiry. Kind regards, Pauline

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