Julie Hanrahan


Growing up on a 20,000 acre cattle property in central Queensland, I spent a lot of my childhood wandering in the bush. The native Australian flora was the backdrop of my adventures, and I remember thinking how different these trees and flowers were from Mum’s beautiful exotic plant garden around the house.
Since my early wanderings, my appreciation of the unique beauty of our Australian flora and fauna has grown and it provides me with constant inspiration for my lino prints. I am overwhelmed by the form and colour of our iconic trees, flowers and birds, as well as those from around the world.
I use these images to create intricately carved lino blocks, which I then hand print in limited editions (which reflect my age when the print is created). Each print is then hand painted with water colours. In this way each image is slightly different.
After meeting and marrying my husband in Turkey, I have started to incorporate our beautiful native flowers into Turkish tile motifs to create a blend of the two aesthetics.
You can see more examples of my work at juliehanrahan.com.