Matthew Taverner

Each of Matthew’s work is carefully constructed of insects cut from postage stamps and mounted on pins. This intriguing concept works beautifully and has earned him the nick name “that butterfly guy”.
Matthew’s works impart a symmetry and formality of construction seldom replicated nor associated with the fanciful flight of butterflies and other winged insects in their natural habitat. Hatching as often colourful caterpillars, they feed voraciously then pupate – that period of suspended animation, of metamorphosis ultimately emerging as delicate butterflies and dragonflies, resplendent in a tapestry of vivid colours and elegance.
Such transitions are in part analogous to postage stamps. Filling a perfunctory purpose in a rapidly changing world, stamps have been affixed and thoughtlessly discarded over centuries – forever to be lost. The effort of philatelists the world over precludes some of this loss as the stamps seldom see daylight save for an occasional glance of admiration and recognition by fellow collectors.