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June 2014

The winner of the Seaview Art Prize raffle by Seaview’s Glass MosaicArtist, Glenys Fentiman, is Brisbane’s…


Desley can be seen here with husband and mother-in-law taking the beautiful mirror home to be given pride of place. Well done Desley, from all the artists at Seaview Art Gallery, Moffat Beach.
Desley Clifford (right) collecting her prize mosaic mirror with husband and mother-in-law.
Desley Clifford (right) collecting her prize mosaic mirror with husband and mother-in-law.

March 2014

The WINNER of the second Summer Art Prize by Seaview’s Master Pastellist, Tricia Taylor, is Brisbane’s…

* * * VIV BENJAMIN * * *

Tricia called Viv personally to make the announcement and Viv was ecstatic to hear the news. Viv and her daughter visited Seaview Art Gallery a few weeks ago and on seeing Tricia’s beautiful artwork was the prize for the Summar Art Prize raffle they snapped up some tickets. Next time you are on the sunshine coat be sure to pop into Seaview Art Gallery at Moffat Beach and buy a ticket or two – next time the lucky one could be you!

December 2013

And the lucky WINNER of a Raelean Hall water colour is Moffat Beach resident…


Dennis, pictured below with Cynthia Morgan (left), receiving his prize from Raelean Hall
The winning ticket was drawn by Brisbane resident Sonja Varendorff who was visiting Seaview Art Gallery at the time of the draw. Sonja (far right) can be seen drawing the winning ticket and watched by (left to right) David Humphries, Dan Toohey, Raelean Hall, and Gaynor Hardinge.
Well done Dennis and thank you Sonja.

Seaview Art Gallery – more fun & relaxation than you can shake a stick at!

Visiting Seaview Art Gallery is so much more than just marveling at the stunning collections of 15 local artists. We are located at delightful Moffat Beach where you can take in a casual coffee, breakfast or lunch in one of the many bustling alfresco cafes and restaurants that span the length of Seaview Terrace – an idyllic meeting place for family and friends.

From the cafes, stroll down the terrace and step into our gallery to be welcomed by one of our friendly local artists. We will be pleased to show off a diverse range of art, jewellery and figurines, or leave you free to browse the works on your own. Relax in one of our comfortable lounges whilst reading about your favourite artists. There is no rush and there is no dress code! The time is yours to soak up the atmosphere that is distinctly Seaview Art Gallery. You don’t have to buy, yet dreaming about starting your very own art collection, or complementing an existing collection is a pleasurable experience in the surroundings of fine art. Be inspired!

Having indulged in the creative spirits (yours and the artists’), you can retreat to the parks, play areas and beach where your relaxation continues throughout the day. This memorable experience will stay with you forever and can be replenished when you return tomorrow, next week, or next year. But you will return – our visitors always do.

See you soon…

The Artists

P.S. We are open daily except Christmas day!


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