Amanda Stuart

Tiny Shed Art

Amanda Stuart was born in 1967 in the United Kingdom. She grew up in a small country village in Kent. Amanda immigrated in the ’80s to Queensland, Australia, with her family, where she attended Queensland College of Art. She is a daily surfer whose artwork often suggests sentiment for her local surroundings on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

Amanda Stuart’s artwork is characterised by symbolism and colour and is often multi-layered. She expresses a personal connection to people, places, and objects. Carefully placed symbols give the viewer clues to metaphorical meanings often connected to her life experience. Amanda’s sculptures often repurpose objects and materials. Amanda believes when the eye recognises a  purposed object, it changes the meaning and the value of that object in the artwork. Whereas it may have been thrown awayby someone else, it is now living a new life, no longer destined for the landfill but now in a place of preservation to tell a new story.

After a successful career teaching visual art and holding senior roles, Amanda decided to devote all her time and energy to pursuing her passion for art and sculpture. Amanda’s paintings and sculptures can be found in private collections, at Tiny Tree Cafe – a Brisbane art gallery, and at Seaview Artists’ Gallery.

Additionally, her work has been shown in regional art galleries in Queensland, and she has exhibited paintings three times internationally in Milan, Italy. Amanda Stuart was selected to exhibit in R.A.W.

Natural Born Artists, an international company that facilitates showcases to support visual art, music, and design.

Influenced by the work of Margaret Olley, Rosalie Gascoigne, Grayson Perry and Chris Ofili, Amanda’s sculptures and paintings are bright, colourful and eclectic, mixing ideas and images from different contexts. Brightly coloured and patterned, Amanda’s work can sometimes be whimsical and humorous or dramatic and atmospheric as she explores her imagination and life experiences.


1999 – Noosa Regional Art Gallery – Food Art and the Body
2009 2011, 2013 – Caloundra Regional Art Gallery- Squeeze Exhibition
2015 – Noosa Regional Art Gallery – Squeeze Exhibition
2019 – Raw Artists Showcase -Brisbane- The Met Fortitude Valley
2019 – Renoir Award – International Contemporary Art Exhibition M.A.D.S. Milan, Italy. M.A.D.S. is a contemporary art gallery in one of the central Milan districts, the Navigli area, set up with screens to create a continuous multimedia exhibition using video system projection technologies.
2020 – Shine Landscape Award M.A.D.S. Milan, Italy
2020 – Dressme Exhibition in Milan, during the 2020 Milan Fashion Week, September 2020 at M.A.D.S.
2021 – Brisbane Grammar Art Show -Embrace
2021- ‘Tails of the Unexpected’ Solo show, Hell’s Kitchen Gallery, Tiny Tree Café Brisbane.
2022 – ‘Musing Monarchs and Decadent Dames’ Solo show, Hell’s Kitchen Gallery, Hell’s Kitchen Gallery,
Tiny Tree Café Brisbane.