Glenys Fentiman

My mosaics artworks are a modern fusion of stained glass windows and ancient mosaics.

Nearly twenty years ago, my brother introduced me to making stained glass lamps – the copperfoil technique. I then did a leadlight course which, as a natural progression, led me to mosaic.

My passion for glass as an artistic medium ignited when i realised i could spend a lifetime working with it and only master a tiny fraction of its potential! There’s so much to learn from the past but so many new things to try.

I love the subtleties and interactions of colour, and through working with glass i have discovered how important light is. Everytime you look at a piece of glass its highlights have changed, depending on the ambient light. It seems to have a life of its own!

Although glass is my favourite medium, i have begun adding gold & silver leaf, millefiori, reverse painting and lots of new techniques to create unique designs.

Glass is one of the most durable substances on the planet. It is the background (substrate) to which mosaic is applied that determines whether it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor pieces require much more thought and care in substrate preparation. Mosaics are perfect to add colour to decks, patios, table, pot, water features etc.

Also, I’ve mosaicked the hearth of a fireplace, ensuite features, kitchen splashbacks and an entire wall in a bathroom.

I am also teaching classes in stained glass mosaic which i really enjoy. I have warned my students that mosaics can be addictive. I’m now putting together the next stage for my students who have done the basic course and want more!

phone: 0437 630 616


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