Kym Tabulo

These artworks of are inspired by my recent visit to several iconic Australian outback locations. My aim here is to capture the wonderful colours of the Australian outback landscape after exceptional rainfall. Depicted here are the flooded Cooper Creek, the Dig Tree site, and sunsets at Coober Pedi and Innamincka.

All my artworks are original one-off editions and I take commissions for your specific ideas.

I am an abstract art scholar, practitioner and teacher. My doctoral thesis documents the genre of abstract sequential art, in particular abstract comics. I have had solo and group exhibitions of these in Australia, London and New York. My abstract comics and essays are in international publications. This comics-style of artwork creates sequential movement through the rhythm of a narrative structure, such as suspense, climax and resolution, without words. It encourages you to give meaning to a non-narrative comic through its juxtaposition of colour and shapes which are displayed across a series of panels to create the narrative rhythm. This maybe the first time you have seen one, and I ask you to become the co-creator of the artwork with me by producing your own story.

ECO-ART Series
The aim of my work for the ECO-ART series is to attract others to view the beauty of nature and think about your relationship with it. To do this I focus on the splendour of the flora and fauna in my immediate environment to create these images. Hopefully my subject matter points to the importance of environmental protection by speaking to the inherent passion you have for nature that opens you to the sense of oneness with Earth. Perhaps this can foster the contemplation of sustainable lifestyles because I believe that art has the power to reach out to the public in an inspirational way, to generate change.

For all these digital artworks I combine my original drawings, paintings and photographs with ready-made images using an XP–Pen drawing tablet to produce digital collages. I work with Photoshop and filters to blend several layers into a final image. There are varieties of colour schemes and natural subject matter presented, which are amalgamations of realism and abstraction, and contain some form of symbolism. Overall my work is positioned at the intersection of art, technology, science and the environment.

Thank you for your interest.