Raelean Hall

A long-time member at Seaview Gallery, Raelean Hall has spent over 20 years regularly engaging with the public to assist professional and emerging artists to creatively explore self-in-process. Raelean’s altruistic presence at this artist-run gallery provides a unique experience for visitors and patrons to explore meaning in art making, including their own creative pursuits, especially being present to uncertainty of artist process, the resistance and self-doubt that is commonly experience during ‘artist block’.


In her own fine-arts career, international success for Raelean occurred in 2011 scooping the $10,000 Rotary ArtCoast Award for Best Artist for her award winning artwork “Out in the Elements”, presented at the Ward-Nasse Gallery, SoHo, New York. The following year, Raelean was invited to celebrate International Women’s Day in New York – 8 March 2012, participating in a group exhibition with female artists across the globe to help raise money for women in need.


“My passion for the arts and humanities is a life-long pursuit. For years I have searched for a deeper sense of connection with others (subject/sitter/participant) applying creative and therapeutic approaches whilst exploring the subject’s lived experience for new grounds in portrait research. Introducing this interactive method of creative inquiry into the local arts community and tertiary education has been deeply rewarding. Just a year prior to receiving my Doctorate in Arts Therapy, my first pilot workshop held at The Dax Centre, Melbourne (2012), explored new ways of being creatively present to artworks on show (self-portraits on exhibit at The Dax Centre).

In my private practice as a fine-artist, I’m constantly searching for new ways of applying various materials, mediums, and subject matter in traditional and modern approaches. It all depends on my creative drive and inspiration at the time. The traditional natural scenery found in my the local environment (sea, bush and mountains) allows me to immerse in calm serene states of being. Alternatively, I’ll bounce into lively expressive modes of abstraction and semi-abstraction when this energy presents. It’s the best of both worlds to enjoy the full creative spectrum of emotional exploration for meaning making. Art is equally a private engagement of self-in-process and a social encounter for greater affinity, interaction, and connection with others”.



Limited Edition Prints for Sale

Raelean has a full range of limited edition prints available of her beautiful original paintings.  Browse through this gallery to see them.  Further information can be found here