Lindsay Muir

A love of sculpture and painting are combined to produce my work. Realism is not so important . The ultimate goal is to “bring clay to life” using techniques which exploit inherent qualities of the clay and coloured glazes. Apart from my hands very few tools are used so these qualities can be revealed. Like a child, people want to reach out and touch my work, which I encourage. Like sitting quietly in the forest, I want my work to be a feast for the senses, new things revealing themselves all the time.

Lindsay Muir

After completing a diploma of visual arts majoring in ceramics at the University of Southern Queensland, Lindsay worked at numerous potteries -Norfolk Island Pottery, Montville Pottery, Flaxton Gardens Pottery and Green Fog Pottery.

Lindsay managed a pottery in Lincolnshire, England for 1 year before returning to develop the ideas which have lead to his work he is now doing.

This resulted in opening a gallery at Montville in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, selling Lindsay’s work exclusively. After this successful venture he moved to Maleny, continuing to sell his work in galleries throughout Australia. Many people have become collectors of Lindsay’s work, keenly anticipating new pieces.


Lindsay has created wildlife sculpture for numerous National and Private Park displays -Central National Park Birdsville, NSW Central West Broken Hill, Girraween National Park, Mary Cairncross Park, Old Telegraph office Cardwell.

Television shows such as Healthy Wealthy and Wise and Totally Wild have featured Lindsay’s work.

His work has also been commissioned by many private, company and government clients.

The unique and innovative children’s picture book “Green Air” produced by Greater Glider Productions is illustrated using 3D dioramas by Lindsay and is written by Jill Morris.

Lindsay has become known as the “frog man” . This charismatic creature seeming to always appear centre stage with many of his new pieces. Lindsay embraces this fact and does not mind that this usually placid humble creature often steals the limelight from the many others he makes.