Sally Thomson

I love making impressionistic landscape paintings with oils using my palette knife. To me, the environment is an amazing mosaic of colourful shapes and I love nothing better than to use paint to bring these shapes to life.
From early childhood, I lived on the Strathbogie Ranges, North East Victoria, developing an appreciation for our amazing environment and how it changes with the seasons.

I haven’t always used oils.

I started my art journey with soft pastels, where I developed the skill of creating paintings of pets, reflecting their personality and giving great pleasure to my clients. As much as I love pastels, when wondering through art museums in Europe, I discovered  impressionist paintings and they excited my art mind.
The seed was planted, and out came the oils and the palette knife.

Any artist will tell you that art is a journey of discovery.

As a painter, I  study my subject as though I have never seen it before. All those colours and shapes, all those different tones and the joy of working them out, then stepping back and seeing them come to life on a canvas.

The finale is seeing it mounted on a wall so that it can be enjoyed everyday.


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