Tricia Taylor

My purpose it to shine a light into the community through art. Light has always fascinated me. It has so many meanings and significance in life. It brings clarity, hope and unveils our path. The moment between night and day as light fills the sky with colour, this Kairos moment, brings me deep joy. With art as the vehicle, I tell the story of light whether the hope of a sunrise or the light falling on a child’s face to reveal their innocence or the path of light as it falls across a table to expose the velvet petal of a flower. I aim to share the light of God that lives in me and is revealed in creation into the lives of others to bring just a little more joy into their hearts.

The way the pastel becomes your brush and the paper your pallet is immediate and exciting to paint with. The subtle colour effects you can gain by glazing one colour over another gives a great depth to the artwork. Combining water colour and pastel in the ocean is a marriage made in heaven. They compliment each other and give a clarity to my artwork. I also work in oils and enjoy the texture created by the brush.

Based in Moreton Bay, Tricia Taylor is a Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia and has won many awards including Pastellist of the Year 2010. Tricia’s work has been published in a variety of national art magazines including Australian Artist, Art Edit and Paint and Draw Magazine UK. Teaching from beginners to advanced students for many years Tricia her workshops are in demand in Australia and internationally including Fiji, New Zealand and the USA.

Unison Pastels, a handmade pastel company form the UK have endorsed Tricia’s artwork by creating the Tricia Taylor pastel sets. Seascape, Rock and Earth and Sand colour selections are available on her website. With their 30th Anniversary in 2017 they have recently made Tricia an Accredited Unison Artist.

If you would like to learn how to paint seascapes Tricia has brought out instructional DVD’s also. There are also opportunities for overseas travel combined with the joy of painting.

Find more about Tricia at Tricia Taylor Art