Victoria Featon

“Art is a form of magic. A tangible energy conjured up from the life force of creation itself”

Motivated by the contrasting landscapes of her stunning local beaches on the Sunshine Coast, artist Victoria Featon continues to draw inspiration from the natural magnificence of her surrounds.  

With over 20 years of experience as an artist exploring different mediums, and an extensive list of private collections featured not just across Australia but the world. Victoria creates in order to evoke and capture the essence of the elements through her work.

She strongly believes our homes are our oasis; our place where we can retreat from the rest of the world and be surrounded in what truly represents us. 

“It is well known that a positive environment is crucial to health and well-being, and to bring an energetically love filled artwork into a home provides the nicest form of peace and beauty.”

As Bruce Lipton explains so eloquently, ‘nature is based on harmony’ and it’s my aim to tap into, represent and work from this energy and to provide new and fresh energy to a home through my artwork.